Cardstock Packaging New Look
Updated labels to include photos to fit the color scheme of the cardstock paper. Both in-house and purchased photos were used and heavily edited to achieve the vision the client wanted. There were a total of 52 files in this updated look.
Sublimation in-store sign
A collaboration between the in-house photography, writing, and Paper Craft teams. Fulling the client's vision to create a home space showing off products in their new sublimation line.
Sublimation Packaging
Part of the sublimation branding was to create clean packaging to highlight the products being sold. Working with in-house photography along with post edits to help the white blanks stand out on
the white background.
Touch of Light Label
To create a softer look and feel, the photo of the string lights was edited in post after the in-house photo was taken.
Sticker Sets
These sticker sheets were created to update an older version of these two themes. While in-house art was primarily used for the butterfly sheet, some elements were hand-drawn to give more variety. The watercolor floral sheet used in-house art but was recolored to fit
the client’s theme.
Digital Mockup
This mockup gives a sleek and clean feel to the box artwork. this helps gives the client a vision of the box once it is completely folded Box. 
The vendor provided the box template for the client. After applying the brand look, the product window was enlarged, and a die-cut call-out was added to give the box a unique look.

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